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25th Anniversary Illy Art Collection

15 June 2017

In 1992, Francesco Illy had the idea of asking a group of artists to express their creativity on the surface of the coffee cup designed by Matteo Thun for illy.
This marked the birth of the illy Art Collection, which transformed an object of everyday use into a white canvas on which, over the years, more than 100 artists of international fame, from great maestros to young talents, have tested their skill.
Twenty-five years later, the leading names in contemporary art continue to find inspiration in the white surface of the illy cup, turning the act of drinking an espresso into an experience which involves the senses and the mind.
Together, we have created a unique collection of objects of art for everyday use, a small, white porcelain canvas of the coffee cups which are entrusted to the hands of an artist.

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