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Sixtieth IPA Anniversary

01 January 2015

The passion which has driven us to produce cups and accessories for over sixty years for the professional market is that which year after year has allowed us to undertake challenges with an increasing performance, slowly raising, even if only slightly, the bar we have set to overcome each time whenever there is an important task like producing and "dressing" a cup.
We are proud to celebrate our anniversary in the EXPO year and the monograph we have realized is just some of the highlights that over the decades have allowed us to crown dreams and ambitions of many Roasters, as well as our own, including those of people who work in I.P.A. day after day , united by a single target: the production of quality cups which everyone will then find in bars when enjoying a good coffee!
We want to share our goals with all the Companies that have been our customers at least once, as well as those who have always relied  on creativity, quality and experience that has distinguished us for more than half a century. Thank you all!